Dora wedding bands


DORA creates luxury wedding rings and in doing so sets an international benchmark in the design and manufacture of superior rings. Long after the flowers have wilted and the memories of your special day have faded your DORA ring will remain as beautiful and magical as the day of your wedding.

Innovative Designs

With the ever increasing volume of copies and cheap reproductions available at jewellery stores, DORA stands alone as a manufacturer breaking new ground in design, materials, finishes and value, while never compromising on quality and service. DORA specialises in blends using various combinations of gold, platinum, palladium and titanium and continues to push the boundaries with innovative finishes.

Uncompromising Quality

There are few things you purchase that you intend should last forever, your wedding ring is one of those things. DORA understands the importance of uncompromising quality, it’s why they offer a life time warranty on any manufacturing defect.

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